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U2's lost song NEGATIVLAND

Much cheaper. But anyways, back to Negativland. This gets to the heart of the above quote about intellectual property being inserted into your head by corporations.

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As you can see, they have kept with the theme of trying to get sued by corporations over their album art, this time targeting Pepsi. And of course all the songs are about the big 90s thing of Coke vs. But not like this silly thing where you make fun of how dumb it is.

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This is apparently the most emotional moment in the buying process, and so ads purposely manipulate your emotions to, as they say, separate you from your money. That should be the starting point for any successful ad campaign!

And there is more good news: advertising has gotten, necessarily, even more manipulative and soulless. Extremely cool, and good as well…. Fuck this commercial. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile.

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It's pretty wild. And what's not to love about two TV shows that essentially teach media literacy? They're great. The original U2 song, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for," could be a theme for Google. So I did a quick search OK, so it's not really a podcast.

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It's of a bold reporter Undervalued communication medium -- the porch. My phone doesn't have a business model. Neither does my porch. I still like having a phone and a porch because they help me meet new people and communicate with people I know. Same with my blog and podcast. The unedited voice of a person. What makes a blogger interesting is that they do something other than writing a blog But let's be clear blogging and podcasting exist independent of a professional's ability to eek out a living using the tools of blogging and podcasting.

Happy New Year, belated solstice greetings, etc. You too can find what you're looking for -- maybe more. OK, so it's not really a podcast Sorry, but I've let this site become a Web "cobweb" over the years, instead of ever launching the folk music podcast I hoped to create here. By the way, that's Elizabeth Cotten playing the banjo upside-down and left handed Unfortunately, it's sad news that had me thinking of those photos and this neglected Web page tonight I just learned that guitarist, teacher and instrument builder John Pearse passed away a couple of months ago.

I looked through my old photo albums, but there are no shots of John.

Numbers, Numerals and Digits

However, his guitar playing is well documented in books, his video taped lessons and records When I was in high school, Phil Ochs' album "All the News that's Fit to Sing" convinced me that I needed a better guitar case than my crushable cardboard one It also had a song that began, " It's of a bold reporter whose story I will tell William Worthy isn't worthy to enter our door, He went down to Cuba, he's not American any more. But somehow it is strange to hear the State Department say, 'You are living in the free world, in the free world you must stay.

Undervalued communication medium -- the porch Dave Winer launches into The debate about the worth of podcasting with a wonderful observation: My phone doesn't have a business model. Lessig was quoting none other than John Philip Sousa about hearing people sing songs on the porch in the evening. He expressed some apprehension that newfangled media technology, an "infernal machine" called the phonograph, would end that traditional melodic community conversation. Podcasting, which literally started with Winer's Web wizardry, lets people sing to each other again Old-time - radio fans have made that time-shifting a real time machine to the midth-century days of professional radio entertainment.

Even better, YouTube's shared videos are letting people show off some guitar licks , sing and dance for each other!

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It's all Web-as-a-porch! Right now, I just wish the sun would come out so that I could sit on my porch and play with the sunshine-reflective screen of my little green laptop , even though it's not set up for podcasts or YouTube. While the OLPC does play music, the singing-to-each-other about it is going on in wikis and bulletin boards and blogs. Oh my. Back to Dave at Scripting News , here's another nice definition to discuss in my journalism classes, which resume Tuesday so much for sitting in the sun : "A blogger is person who has an idea, expertise or opinion who wants to convey that to other people.

Bloggers also don't have the luxury of someone else copyediting their spelling.