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He is a source of evil, as thou sayest, Yet evil hurts Him not.

Inspirational Rumi Quotes and Poems on Love, Life & Happiness

To make that evil Denotes in him perfection. Hear from me A parable. The heavenly Artist paints Beautiful shapes and ugly: in one picture The loveliest women in the land of Egypt Gazing on youthful Joseph amorously; And lo, another scene by the same hand, Hell-fire and Iblis with his hideous crew: Both master-works, created for good ends, To show His perfect wisdom and confound The sceptics who deny His mastery. Rumi is capable of shocking paradox, as well: Allah is the source of all, both good and evil, and it all goes to creating a masterful tapestry of beauty in the world.

This shows the powerful influence of his friend on him, because he attributes this poetry to his friend, the Works of Shams of Tabriz. This is 40, lines of ghazals and other miscellaneous love poems, such as this one:. It touches, above all, on every dimension of the love relationship between God and the mystic.

It is a religion of love.

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For every contour of the houris and the black-eyed beauties, the loveliness of all kinds of animals, the freshness and sparkle of all flowers, herbs, sweet waters, and blowing winds, all joys, all hopes, are spots on the face of Thy unique Beauty, dust and debris in Thy lane. Rumi uses wonderful language to provide insight into the beauty of Allah that transcends every metaphor that can be found to try to express that beauty.

On the outside are only the marks of the marks. If you want spiritual priority, go seek the prior attribute.

The Love Poems of Rumi

Where there is poverty, wealth will follow. The deepest form of love for Rumi, as a Sufi, involves escape from the selfish impulses of the ego, the passing away and the passing away of passing away:. O my soul, I searched from end to end: I saw in thee naught save the Beloved; Call me not infidel, O my soul, if I say that thou thyself art He.

Ye who search of God, of God, pursue. Ye need not search for God is you, is you! Save you, none is, but you are—where, oh, where? Included in this book is a collection of Jalal al-Din Rumi's passionate love poems, translated by Nader Khalili. Beautifully designed and illustrated throughout, you'll become spiritually inspired by the words in this book. Perfect for lovers, dreamers, and poets, the poems from this 13th century theologist will leave you wistfully peaceful.

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